Program SEN Symposium 2022

  Friday, May 13th
9:00 Doors open / coffee
10:00 Admission and welcome
10:10 Keynote: Prof Gregorio Robles (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid - Spain): “Where has all the mining gone? A retrospective look at what Mining Software Repositories was going to bring to Software Engineering”
11:00 Break
11:30 Lightning Talks session 1:
  • Tien Tulili (University of Groningen): "Burnout in Software Engineering – A systematic Literature Review"
11:40 Invited Talk: Ayushi Rastogi (University of Groningen, the Netherlands) and Mirela Riveni (University of Groningen, the Netherlands): “Digital Humanism: Views from Software Engineering and Social Computing”
12:20 Eelco Visser Memorial
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Lightning Talks session 2:
  • Zaki Pauzi (University of Groningen): "Coverage of Concepts between Software Artifacts"
  • Ekaterina Koshchenko, Egor Klimov and Vladimir Kovalenko (JetBrains Research): "Multimodal Recommendation of Messenger Channels"
  • Rik Arends (Makepad): "Makepad - A new UI stack for web and native using Rust"
13:50 Invited Talk: Georgiana Caltais (University of Twente, the Netherlands): “Causal Reasoning for Concurrency”
14:30 Lightning Talks session 3:
  • Mohamed Soliman (University of Groningen): "Architectural design decisions that incur technical debt — An industrial case study"
  • Cezar Sas (University of Groningen): "A Large Scale Taxonomy for Software Application Domain Classification"
  • Hossain Muhammad Muctadir (Eindhoven University of Technology): "Tool support for collaborative thematic analysis of qualitative data"
  • Bram Kohlen (University of Twente ): "Verified Probabilistic Verification"
15:00 Break
  • Panel session 1 - Best practices of writing project proposals on Software Engineering:
  • - Marieke Huisman (University of Twente)
    - Ilias Gerostathopoulos (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
    - Jurgen Vinju (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, TU Eindhoven)
    - Moderator: Fabiano Dalpiaz (Utrecht University)
  • Panel session 2 - Best practices of teaching Software Engineering in the Netherlands:
  • - Felienne Hermans (Leiden University)
    - Bastiaan Heeren (Open Universiteit Nederland)
    - Vadim Zaytsev (Twente University)
    - Moderator: Andrea Capiluppi (University of Groningen)
17:00 Awards
17:15 Open Board Meeting / Drinks
18:45 End