Erik van de Ven

Erik attained a cum laude master’s degree in computer science at Nijmegen University. He started his career as developer at Baan ERP and worked as principal consultant for Microsoft for eight years implementing large software systems. After that he joined Cordys and got involved in international product development as Vice President of product management. Recently he joined AFAS to head the team of designers to establish a brand new model driven application platform for the cloud named Next. Erik is passionate about declarative (functional) programming. In his spare time he also loves riding his mountain bike with friends.


AFAS currently provides a complete online ERP suite which is used by more than 1.000.000 professional users each and every day. In this session we will elaborate on how we are moving this application to the Next level to increase the speed and flexibility of application development and to make our application future proof for any upcoming technology.

We will explain how we semantically decompose our current application functionality and construct an ontological model of the real world enterprise of our customers. This ontological model combined with code generation techniques is used to regenerate our entire software suite on a technology platform of our choice.