Speaker Bio

Michiel van Genuchten is COO of VitalHealth Software. He has worked in industry since 1987, including at Institut Straumann AG, Philips Electronics, and GroupSupport, a software company he founded. His focus of attention is software as a business and IT support for (virtual) teams. He received his PhD from the Eindhoven University of Technology and was a part-time professor there from 2002 until 2011. Michiel is member of the editorial board of IEEE Software and co-editor with Les Hatton of the Impact Column.

Quantifying the Impact of Software

To develop a better quantitative understanding of software’s impact on different industries, we started a series of columns in IEEE Software in 2010. Senior managers and software professionals from companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, JPL, Philips, Hitachi and Shell have published a total of 30 columns so far. The Presentation summarizes what we’ve learned and will discuss some practical metrics that have surfaced such as the compound annual growth rate for software and software mileage. Implications for software engineers, managers and industries will be addressed.