This is the final program:

Time Speaker Description
09:00-09:40   Coffee & Posters
09:45-10:00   Welcome
10:00-10:45 Michael R. Fellows (Bergen University) Parameterized Complexity for the Practical Computer Scientist and Algorithms Engineer
10:45-11:15 Andy Zaidman (TU Delft) Software Analytics: The Dark Side and the Test Side
11:15-11:45   Coffee & Posters
11:45-12:45 Young Talent Session Ana-Maria Sutii, Sung-Shik Jongmans and Nikolaos Bezirgiannis
12:45-13:45   Lunch & Posters
13:45-14:15 Erik van de Ven (AFAS) Ontological modeling of the real world enterprises
14:15-14:45 Frits Vaandrager (Radboud Universiteit) Inference of State Machines
14:45-15:15   Coffee & Posters
15:15-15:45 Roel Wieringa (University of Twente) Empirical Software Engineering, Stamp Collecting, and Design Science
15:45-16:15 Jan Friso Groote (TU Eindhoven) Modelling and analysis of software before construction pays off.
16:15-16:45   Coffee & Posters
16:45-17:30 Michiel van Genuchten Quantifying the Impact of Software
17:30-18:30   Reception

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