Time            Speaker      Title
09:30-09:50 Admission and welcome
09:50-10:00 Opening
10:00-10:40 Wil van der Aalst (RWTH Aachen University) "Process Mining: How to pick your automation battles?"
10:40-11:10 Coffee
11:10-11:50 Vasilios Andrikopoulos (University of Groningen) "Cost efficiency in software (re)architecting"
11:50-12:30 Alexandra Silva (University College London) "An algebraic framework to reason about concurrency"
12:30-12:45 VERSEN Announcements
12:45-13:45 Lunch and posters
13:45-14:25 Jan van Zoest (Royal Philips) "Philips HealthSuite, architecting at scale for the health continuum"
14:25-15:05 Veelasha Moonsamy (Radboud University) "Software security for smart mobile devices"
15:05-15:35 Coffee
15:35-16:20 Petra Heck and Luís Cruz; Roberto Verdecchia; Enrique Larios Vargas and Luís Cruz; Eleni Constantinou; Emitzá Guzmán; Héctor Cadavid; Ilias Gerostathopoulos; Yaping Luo, Tanja Vos, Pekka Aho and Kevin van der Vlist; Bert de Brock Lightning talks: "Software Engineering for Machine Learning Applications", "Architectural Technical Debt: Taming the Beast", "Software Engineering and Mental Health", "Software ecosystem evolution: Past research and the road ahead", "Analyzing User Feedback for Software Evolution", "A Software Engineering perspective on Systems of Systems architecting", "Architecture-Based Self-Adaptation: Open Challenges and Promising Directions", "ITEA3 IVVES project: Industrial-grade verification and validation of evolving systems (In Finance)", "Where should I publish?"
16:20-17:00 Dino Distefano (Facebook) "Static Performance Analysis"
17:00-17:15 Awards ceremony
17:15-18:00 Drinks
18:00 Closing